An Australian hundred dollar bill

The first time in my life I get a bloody limey and it turns out to be counterfeit.

Dictionary of american slang with examples. .

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  • limey — limey, limy Limey is the adjective corresponding to the fruit called lime, whereas limy relates to the caustic alkaline substance. Limey (with a capital initial letter) is an AmE slang term for a person from Britain, and arose from the enforced… …   Modern English usage

  • limey — (n.) 1888, Australian, New Zealand, and South African slang for English immigrant; U.S. use is attested from 1918, originally British sailor, British warship, short for lime juicer (1857), in derisive reference to the British Navy s policy (begun …   Etymology dictionary

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  • Limey — An Australian hundred dollar bill The first time in my life I get a bloody limey and it turns out to be counterfeit …   Dictionary of american slang

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