The engine on a vehicle stops abruptly, usually in the middle of traffic, or at a busy intersection

My truck flamed-out downtown during rush hour this afternoon!

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  • Flame-out — auch: Flame|out 〈[flɛımaʊt] m. 6; bei Flugzeugen〉 Ausfall eines Triebwerks infolge Treibstoffmangels [<engl. flame „flammen, glühen“ + out „aus“] * * * Flame out [ fleɪm|a̮ut , fleɪm |a̮ut ], der; s, s [engl. flame out, eigtl. = Zu Ende… …   Universal-Lexikon

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  • flame-out — flame′ out n. aer. the failure of a jet engine due to an interruption of the fuel supply or to faulty combustion • Etymology: 1945–50 …   From formal English to slang

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